About us

Where convenience meets fresh!


At Prêt et Frais we bring you healthy food where and when you are, we offer fresh food trough vending machines.

When you are on the go you don’t have to end up having unhealthy and processed food. Now you can re-fuel with ready to eat, healthy and fresh dishes. No processing, no additives, from our kitchen, to our state-of-the-art vending machine, to your hands.


Why prêt et frais?


For your customers


Your customers and visitors spend some quality time at your premises, offer them the opportunity to grab an equally good snack, at any time!

The experiences you offer at your venue reflect on your image and the satisfaction of your customers. 

If you care about health and well-being, delivering innovation and staying on top of the latest trends, then contact us to provide your clients with snack options that really represent who you are and how much you care about them.


For your employees


Show your employees you care about them and their well-being, offer them healthy and delicious choices to fuel their day, even after hours!

You offer your work force benefits that talk about what you think of them and how you care about them as people, beyond just the working hours.

Give them the choice of a healthy diet and it will not only increase their engagement, but also their productivity. Contact us to set up one of our machines at your premises.